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List of Best Reviewed Christian Movies

1) 'Passion of the Christ'

2) 'Mercy Streets'

3) 'Time Changer'

4) 'Gone'

5) 'Left Behind'

6) 'The Climb'

7) 'Tribulation Force'

8) 'A Vow To Cherish'

9) 'Joshua'

10) 'The Moment After'

In this post-apocalyptic thriller, Survivor stars Dirk Been and Joel Klug star as tenacious, young lawyers who are sent to Manila to defend a multi-national corporation accused of spilling hazardous waste; but instead, meet their fate in the last days of the Earth. Chaos ensues when the Rapture strikes, causing the characters to size up the world, humanity, and finally God in this highly intelligent, critically acclaimed motion picture, GONE.

"GREAT, GREAT, GREAT movie. The special effects were better than I was expecting (and I had high expectations from the trailer). I liked the plot, the acting was very good and it really left me wanting more. Great ending too."
- ChristianBeats News

"A true reality film. 'GONE' is a film for anyone who wants to strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ."
- Witchita Chronicle

"GONE raises difficult questions of faith but avoids cliche answers and predictable plot lines. Gripping from first to last."
-R. Dunn, Team Leader, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

"One of the most powerful Christian films ever." -Synthetic Rhyme Records
The New Motion Picture 'GONE'
Nominated for 'Best Christian Movie of the Year' (July 2003) - Christian Beats News

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